Chandellas Of Jejakabhukti Or Bundelkhand | Rajput Clan Indian History

Chandellas Of Jejakabhukti Or Bundelkhand | Rajput Clan Indian History-In this article we publish the detailed history about the Chandella an Rajput Clan Dynasty which was ruled in India early in the 9th Century (Khajurao). Read every paragraph carefully to know about the rulers and important history of this dynasty.

Chandellas of Jejakabhukti or Bundelkhand

The Chandellas (Chandratreyas) became rulers in southern Bundelkhand under Nannuka early in the 9th Century. He had his capital at Kharjuravahaka (Modern Khajuraho). The dynasty became powerful under the rule of Dhanga in mid 10th Century. The scholars are of the opinion that Chandellas originally belonged to a clan of aboriginal chiefs related to the Gonds or Bhars and promoted to the rank of Kshatriyas.

  • Initially, they were the feudatories of Pratiharas, but after the breakup of the Pratihara Empire they established their own rule over Bundelkhand.
  • The Chandellas, who came into prominence in the early 9th Century claimed their descent from Chandratreya, a descendent of the moon dynasty.
  • Their kingdom named Jejakabhukti on the name of one of the early Chandella king known as Jayashakti or Jeja or Jejjaka. The earliest capital of the Chandella kings seems to have been at Khajuraho, the glory of which reached its zenith in the 10th Century.
  • The Chandellas were great builders and got construct several temples and monuments. Three most important cities in the Chandella kingdom were Khajuraho (Chhatarpur district, Madhya Pradesh); Kalinjar (Banda district, Uttar Pradesh) and Mahotsavanagar (Mahoba, Hamirpur district, Uttar Pradesh).


He founded the dynasty in the first quarter of the 9th Century around Khajuraho, Bundelkhand. succeeded by his son Vakpati & He succeeded by his son Vakapati. And He was the most powerful ruler of chandella dynasty.


He fought with contemporary rulers like Pala Devapala and Pratihara Bhoja. He succeeded by his son ‘Jayashakti’ & after him his another son Vijayasakti came to the throne. After Vijayasakti the throne occupied by his son Rahila.


The son and successor of Rahila & He was also knows as Lakshavarman. And He launch the phase of aggressive militarism and extensive conquests, the reference of which is find in Khajuraho inscription.

  • Yasovarman defied the Pratihara overlordship and made Chandellas a formidable power by his extensive wars in North India. He get construct the famous Chaturbhuja temple at Khajuraho & also got the image of Vishnu installed in it.

Dhanga (AD 954-1002)

  • The son and successor of Yasovarman He was the most famous ruler of Chandellas and raised the Chandella power to its highest. Dhanga assumed the title of Maharaja and completely threw off the yoke of Pratihara overlordship and became independent. he extended the northern boundary of the Chandella kingdom up to the bank of the Ganga.
  • He the part of the confederation of Rajput rulers formed by Shahi King Jayapala to repel the invasion of Subuktigin (AD 998). He got construct the Temple of Visvanatha at Khajuraho. This being one of the most lavishly ornament temple at Khajuraho. The temples of Jinanatha and Vaidyanatha also built during the reign of Dhanga.


He was the son and successor of Dhanga. He the part of the confederation of Rajput rulers formed by Shahi King Anandapal to repel the invasion of Mahmud Ghaznavi (AD 1008).


  • He was the son and successor of Ganda. He killed the Pratihara ruler Rajyapala in AD 1019 for his coward surrender before Mahmud Ghaznavi. Mahmud Ghaznavi twice invaded his kingdom.
  • He failed to defend the Kalinjar Fort (strong citadel of Chandellas) and the Chandella territory from the attack of Ghaznavi. During the Ghaznavi attack, he confined himself to the fort of Kalinjar.
Later Rulers
• After the death of Vidyadhara, the Chandella Dynasty witnessed a temporary eclipse in power and prestige.
• Among the later rulers Kirtivarman, Madanavarman (AD 1129-63) and Paramardi (AD 1165-1203) were the most notables.
• Kirtivarman resisted an invasion of his territory by the Ghaznavid army from the Punjab in AD 1090.
•Madanavarman defeated the Chedi Monarch of Tripuri, the Paramara king of Dhara and the Gahadavala king Vijayachandra.
• Paramardi or Parmal suffered defeat from Chahamana King Prithviraj III (AD 1182-83).
• Finally in AD 1203, Paramardi and his kingdom suffered complete annihilation when Qutb-ud-din
attacked Kalinjar fort.
• Paramardi died in the attack and Qutb-ud-din plundered the fort and conquered Mahoba and
appointed his own governor to administer the Conquered territories.
• The territories were subsequently recovered by the Paramardi’s son Trailokyavarman, who defeated the Turkish forces at Kakadwa. But finally in 1309, Ala-ud-din Khilji conquered the greater part of the kingdom.
•The last known king of Bundelkhand is Viravarman II.
Chandellas Of Jejakabhukti Or Bundelkhand | Rajput Clan Indian History

Chandellas Of Jejakabhukti Or Bundelkhand Indian History

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