Important GK Questions For SSC Govt Exams 2021

Important GK Questions For SSC Govt Exams 2021-Welcome to our site, if you are searching for the important General Knowledge Question updates source then you are at right destination, here we update the Some Important Questions with pdf which will helps you to prepare for your competitive exams, from here you can download the pdf of daily Important General Knowledge Question which we updates daily here.

Most Important GK Question For Govt Exams

1What is the state animal of Punjab?Blackbuck
2Who gave the first budget after independence in India?RK Shanmukham Chetty
3Which is the largest desert in the world?Sahara
4When did Maharashtra and Gujarat become states?1st May 1960
5Where is the White House?Washington, DC
6Tokyo is the capital of which country?Japan
7Where is Fatehpur Sikri?Uttar Pradesh
8Who discovered electron?JJ Thompson
9In which session the national anthem of India was sung for the first time?Calcutta session
10Who climbed Mount Everest 24 times?Kami Rita Sherpa
11Where is Gandhi Stadium?Jalandhar
12Who is the brand ambassador of Fair & Lovely?Yami Gautam
13Who founded the city of Jaunpur?Firoz Shah Tughlaq
14When was Guru Nanak Dev born?29 November 1469
15Who is the CEO of Google?Sundar Pichai
16CEO of MobiKwik?Bipin Preet Singh
17The battle of Mandsaur was fought between?Maratha Empire And Jai Sing II
18When was the first Chandrayaan launched?22 October 2008
19Who is the CEO of Nokia?Pucca Lundmark
20How many articles are there in the Indian Constitution?470 articles
21Which acid is found in human stomach?HCL
22What is Tyndall Effect?Particles in a colloid or in a very fine suspension.
23I GB = ___MB.?1024
24Who gave the slogan “Inquilab Zindabad”?Bhagat Singh
25When was the first radio broadcast in India?June 1923
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