Lucent GK Day 21 Important Questions

Lucent GK Day 21 Important Questions-Welcome to our website, if you are searching for the most important Lucent GK book questions then you are at the right destination, here we will provide 25 questions in Hindi And English Both language Daily, and we will provide the PDF of questions also in both language this 60 days series will cover 1500 Most Important Questions as the view of exam point so kindly visit this website for daily updates.

This series will helps you for the preparations of SSC GK & All Government Exams GK.

Day-21 Lucent GK Important Questions List

501Who was the first Indian to be elected as a member of the British Parliament?DB Nairojee
502Which state is the most productive of
Uttar Pradesh
503Which city is the major industrial area? Surat
504Who is the first Indian who is a vagabond
By Bharat Ratna?
Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
505Which country has the third economy?Japan
506A famous painting “Bani-Thani” 18 About what?Radha
507Which state is the largest producer of cardamom?Kerala
508Who among the following founded the Nalanda University”?Kumar Gupta
509world population day Observed on which date?11 July
510Which of the following has two satellites?Mars
511Who is the founder of HSRA (Hindustan Socialist Republic Army)?Chandra Shekhar Azad
512Which state is the largest producer of guava?Bihar
513What is the salary of the Vice President of India?4 Lakh
514Who controls the stock market?SEBI
515Who was the first Governor General of Pakistan?Mohd Ali Jinna
516Andaman and Nicobar comes under which High Court?Kolkata High Court
517During the time of which Viceroy did the Simon Commission come to India?Lord Irvine
518During the reign of which Mughal emperor, painting had its full glory.?Jahangir
519In which city is Marina Beach located?Chennai
520Aga Khan Cup is related to which sport?Hockey
521Ascorbic acid is the chemical name of __?Vitamin C
522What was Biral’s real name?Mahesh Das
523Which is the world’s smallest ocean?Arctic Ocean
524In which city is the National Chemical Laboratory located?Pune
525The pyramid is the national building of?Egypt

Lucent GK Day 21 Important Questions

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