Lucent GK Day 25 Important Questions List

Lucent GK Day 25 Important Questions-Welcome to our website, if you are searching for the most important Lucent GK book questions then you are at the right destination, here we will provide 25 questions in Hindi And English Both language Daily, and we will provide the PDF of questions also in both language this 60 days series will cover 1500 Most Important Questions as the view of exam point so kindly visit this website for daily updates.

This series will helps you for the preparations of SSC GK & All Government Exams GK.

Day-25 Lucent GK Important Questions List

601In which year India won the first Olympic hockey gold?1948
602Where is Jinnah House located?Mumbai
603Which is the most productive state of Silla?Karnataka
604Who was the first Hindi based intellectual during the Mughal period?Birbal
605Where is the first Krishi Vigyan Kendra located?Pondicherry
606PH value of pure water?7
607Who wrote the Indian struggle?Subhas Chandra Bose
608Who is the first Indian hanged by the British?Maharaja Nandakumar
609Ryder Cup is related to which sport?Golf
610Which of the following protocol is used in data transfer?FTP
611Who among the following launched Din-e-Ilahi?Akbar
612What was the language of Aryans?Sanskrit
613Who is also known as Ashoka II?Kanishk
614Who is the author of Mahabharata?Ved vyas
615Who was the founder of Shunga Dynasty?Pushyamitra Shunga
616In which city is the High Court of Chhattisgarh located?Bilaspur
617Anti-Terrorism Day is celebrated on?21 may
618Who is the author of “Anandmath”?Bankim Chandra chetarji
619DEVDILAR Trophy is related to which sport?Cricket
620Who was the last emperor of Maurya Empire?Brihadrtra
621opinion. Coach Factory is located in?Kapoorthala
622In which city is the National Gallery of Modern Art located?New Delhi
623Who invented X-ray?Conrad rontgen
624Who is known as Alexander II?Alauddin Khilji
625Who was the founder of ‘Azad Hind Fauj?Ras Bihari Bose

Lucent GK Day 25 Important Questions List

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