Lucent GK Day 26 Important Questions List

Lucent GK Day 26 Important Questions-Welcome to our website, if you are searching for the most important Lucent GK book questions then you are at the right destination, here we will provide 25 questions in Hindi And English Both language Daily, and we will provide the PDF of questions also in both language this 60 days series will cover 1500 Most Important Questions as the view of exam point so kindly visit this website for daily updates.

This series will helps you for the preparations of SSC GK & All Government Exams GK.

Day-26 Lucent GK Important Questions List

626Who is known as “Kaviraj”?Samudra Gupt
627Zojila pass is in which state?Ladakh
628LTTE fought a domestic battle?Srilanka
629Who wrote Godan?Munshi Premchand
630Who Invented “Telegram”?Samual Morse
631Who accepted the title of “Alamgir”?Aurangzeb
632In which state did Rajiv Gandhi died?Tamilnadu
633The first Sultan who invaded South India?Alauddin Khilji
634Chand Biwi was the ruler of which place?Ahmadnagar
635Ins Battuta came to India during the time of which Sultan?Mhd Bin Tuglaq
636What is the capital of Maldives?Male
637In which city is the Bada Imambada located?Lucknow
638Who is known as “Bharat Kokila”?Sarojini Naidu
639Who is known as the Bulbul of India?Sarojini Naidu
640What is the currency of Myanmar?Kyaat
641Who is the founder of Amazon?Jeff Bezos
642What is the finance capital of India?Mumbai
643Who was the founder of “Rama Krishna Mission”?Swami Vivekanand
644Who is known as the father of economy?Adam Smith
645What was the real name of Sher Shah Suri?Fareed
646Who was the first President of Indian National Congress?W C Banerji
647Who was the founder of Chola dynasty?Vijyalaya
648When was Mahatma Gandhi born?1869
649Who is the founder of Servant of Indian Society?Gopal Krishna Gokhle
650What is the national language of Bangladesh?Bengali

Lucent GK Day 26 Important Questions List

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