Lucent GK Day 34 Important Questions List

Lucent GK Day 34 Important Questions-Welcome to our website, if you are searching for the most important Lucent GK book questions then you are at the right destination, here we will provide 25 questions in Hindi And English Both language Daily, and we will provide the PDF of questions also in both language this 60 days series will cover 1500 Most Important Questions as the view of exam point so kindly visit this website forĀ daily updates.

Day-34 Lucent GK Important Questions List

826 Quit India Movement was launched on which date of 1942? 8 August
827 Who is the only Indian cricketer to have taken all ten wickets in an innings? Kapil Dev
828 How many Sikh Gurus are there? 10
829 Jnanpith Award is associated with which field? Literature
830 Which of the following is not an input device? DVD
831 Penalty stroke is associated with which of the following sports? Hockey
832 In which year Arjuna Award was instituted? 1961
833 Dronacharya Award is associated with? Mentor
834 What causes swine flu to spread? H1N1
835 On which date do we celebrate National Voters’ Day? 25 January
836 Which country is the only country which has imposed a complete ban on tobacco? Bhutan
837 Money bill is usually introduced in? Loksabha
838 By which amendment the Fundamental Duties were added to the Indian Constitution? 42th Amendment
839Who said Swatantra Humara Janmasiddha Adhikar Hai, Mai Isse Lekar Rahunga? Balganga Dhar Tilak
840 Which Governor General is associated with the Doctrine of Lapse? Lord Dulhousey
841 Who was popularly known as ‘Nana Saheb’? Baji rao 1
842 In which year did world war 11 start? 1939
843 Who is the founder of Saiyad dynasty? Khizar Khan
844 In which city is Anand Bhavan located? Prayagraj
845 Who founded Anand Van? Baba Aamte
846 Fort William College was established
in which place?
847 In which year Salt Satyagraha was started? 1930
848In which state was the All India Forward Bloc established? West Bengal
849In which state is the Buxa Tiger Reserve located?West Bengal
850What is the roof of the world called?Pamer Knot

Lucent GK Day 34 Important Questions List

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