Science Important Question For SSC Exams And Other Govt Exams

Science Important Question For SSC Exams And Other Govt Exams– Welcome to our site, if you are searching for Science most important questions then you are at right destination now, here we regular updates the most important General Science questions which were frequently asked in all govt exams, so read every questions carefully for your preparation and all the best.

Important Questions List

  1. Platnium is called white gold.
  2. Chlorine gas discolors flowers.
  3. Mercury and Venus do not have a single satellite.
  4. Saturn has the most satellites.
  5. The human blood bank is called spleen or spleen.
  6. Humans get most of their energy from carbohydrates.
  7. The reason why the ocean appears blue is the reflection of light and the scattering of water particles by light.
  8. Gold dissolves in amaranth acid.
  9. Polyethylene is obtained by polymerization of ethylene.
  10. The power house of the cell is called mitochondria
  11. The nervous system of the body is affected by tetanus.
  12. The average of blood in a healthy human body is 5 – 6 liters.
  13. Purification of human blood takes place in the kidney.
  14. The smallest gland of the human body is located in the pituitary brain.
  15. The largest gland in the human body is the liver.
  16. Insulin was discovered by Batting and West.
  17. The image of the object is formed in the retina of the eye.
  18. In eye donation, the cornea of ​​the eye is donated.
  19. The highest protein (42%) is found in soybean.
  20. Water soluble vitamins are B and C.
  21. Vitamin C C is found in citrus fruits.
  22. The chemical name of vitamin C is ‘scurvic acid’.
  23. Aristotle is called the father of biology.
  24. The term biology was first used by Lamarck and Trevirens.
  25. Theophrastus is called the father of botany.
  26. The father of modern taxonomy is called Linnaeus.
  27. The smallpox vaccine was discovered by Edward Jenner.
  28. The botanical name of mango is Mengifera indica.
  29. Carbon dioxide gas contributes the most to the greenhouse effect.
  30. Skin cancer is caused by ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  31. The rabies vaccine was discovered by Alexander Fleming.
  32. Argon gas is filled inside the electric bulb.
  33. Nitrous oxide is called laughing gas. It was discovered by Priestley.
  34. The first ‘periodic table’ was created by the Russian scientist Mendeleev.
  35. The law of modern periodic table has been propounded by Moseley.
  36. Electric current is measured in amperes.
  37. Mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy by dynamo device.
  38. Candle converts chemical energy into light and heat energy.
  39. Light year is the unit of measurement of distance.
  40. The largest unit of measurement of distance is the parsec.
  41. Common salt (sodium chloride NaCl) is used in the preservation of food and pickle.
  42. Diamond and graphite are allotropes of carbon.
  43. Diamond is a poor conductor of electricity and graphite is a good conductor of electricity.
  44. L. P. G. Contains a mixture of butane and propane.
  45. L. P. G. The strong smell of it comes from the sulfur compound (methyl mercaptan) found in it.
  46. Silver and copper are the best conductors of electricity.
  47. Titanium is called a strategic metal.
  48. Silver iodide is used for artificial precipitation.
  49. Silver nitrate is applied for marking on the fingers of voters.
  50. The lightning conductor was invented by Benjamin Fecklin.
Science Important Question For SSC

Science Important Question For SSC

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