Solankis Or Chalukyas Of Ahilwada Indian History

Solankis Or Chalukyas Of Ahilwada Indian History-In this article we published the detailed history about the Solanki & Chalukyas of Ahilwada an Rajput Clan, which ruled in India near (AD 950-1300). Read every paragraph to know about this clan of Rajput.

Solankis or Chalukyas of Ahilwada

The Solankis Dynasty ruled in Gujarat and Kathiawar for nearly three and half Century (AD 950-1300). In spite of being brave warriors the Solankis were the great patron of art and several architectural activities took place during their rule. The Jaina temple of Vimala at Mount Abu in Rajasthan is one of the best specimens of Solankis art. They also got constructed the temple of Surya at Modhera near Baroda. The Ministers of Bhima II, Vastupala and Tejapala also made significant contributions towards the development of art activities.

Mularaja I

He was the founder of this dynasty and consolidated the Chalukya authority in Gujarat and established an independent kingdom with its capital at Anahilapataka. & a devout Shaiva. He was defeated by Paramara Munja and Kalachuri Lakshmana.

Bhima I (AD 1022-1064)

  • Attack of Mahmud Ghazni on Somanatha took place during his period. He fled away to Kutch without giving any resistance. During his period Samanta Vimala constructed famous Dilwara temple at Mount Abu.
  • After the withdrawal of Ghazni, Bhima returned to his capital and revived the Chalukya power.
  • He invaded Malwa, which at that time was being ruled by the Paramara dynasty. In this invasion he was supported by his ally, Kalachuri Karna. It was during this invasion that the great Paramara King Bhoja died. He abdicated the throne in favour of his son Karna.

Karna (AD 1064-1094)

He founded the city of Karnavati now known as Ahmedabad. His reign was not very significant as he could not achieve anything substantial. He was succeeded by his son Jayasimha.

Jayasimha Siddharaja l (AD 1093-1143)

He assumed the title of Siddharaja & the greatest king of Gujarat and initiated the era of conquest to enhance the power, prestige and the territorial extent of his kingdom. He invaded the kingdoms of Paramaras, Chahamanas and the Chandellas. In commemoration of victory over Malwa he assumed the title of Avantinatha.

  • He also invaded the Southern kingdom and defeated the Chalukya Vikramaditya VI of Kalyana.
  • He was a great patron of literature and the learned Jaina scholar Hemachandra, who authored the famous grammar Siddha- Hemachandra was in his court. During his reign, Gujarat became the famous seat of learning and literature.
  • He established schools for the study for Jyotisha, Nyaya and Purana. He was a devout Saiva and got constructed the temple of Rudra Mahakala at Siddhapura. This seems to have been the largest architectural conceptions in this area. Jayasimha had no sons and therefore, he nominated his Minister’s son Bahada as his successor. After him, the throne was seized by his distant relative Kumarapala.

Kumarapala (AD 1044-1171)

  • According to Jaina traditions, he embraced Jainism under Jain scholar Hemachandras and Issued orders prohibiting slaughter of animals and gambling in his kingdom.
  • Despite being a Jaina follower he displayed religious tolerance and showed veneration towards his family deity Shiva. In this context he got constructed several Jaina and Shaiva temples. His biography Kumarpalacharita was written by Jai Singh; one more biography i.e., Kumarpalapratibodh was written by Somprabhacharya.

Ajayapala (AD 1171-1176)

  • He was the successor of Kumarapala. He is said to have demolished the Jaina
  • temples. He represented by the Jaina traditions as the persecutor of their religion. He was succeeded by his minor son Mularaja II.

Mularaja II (AD 1176-1178)

He was a minor during the invasion of Muiz-ud-din Mohammad Ghori. His mother Queen Naikidevi acted as his regent. She led the army, which defeated the Turks under Muiz-ud-din Mohammad Ghori, in 1178 near Mount Abu. He was succeeded by his brother Bhima II.

Bhima II (AD 1178-1239)

  • His Ministers Tejapala and Vastupala (two brothers) repulsed many attacks.
  • In 1197, Qutb-ud-din Aibak invaded Gujarat and plundered Anhilwada. But his victory was short lived as he had to soon withdrew. The another Turkish attack under Sultan Iltutmish was repulsed by Vastupala.
  • He rebuilt the temple of Somanatha as it was earlier destroyed by Muiz-ud-din Mohammad Ghori. After the death of Bhima II the dynasty of Chalukyas began to decline.
• Vaghelas succeeded Chalukyas in Gujarat after Bhima II. The Gujarat was being ruled by the Vaghela ruler was Karna, when it was conquered by Ala-ud-din Khilji.
• Kana was the last Hindu king of Gujarat. At the time of attack by the Khalji he fled to Devagiri and his wife Kamladevi and daughter Devaldevi fell into the hands of Ala-ud-din Khilji.

Solankis Or Chalukyas Of Ahilwada Indian History

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