Most Important Questions Related To Vedic Age

Most Important Questions Related To Vedic Age-In this article we published some most important questions which were asked in every Govt Exam. These questions will help you to prepare for your exams. Most Important Questions Related To Vedic Age

Vedic Age Important Questions List Most Important Questions Related To Vedic Age

1What is the Rigvedic period called?1000 BC-6 BC
2Where did the “Aryans” come from in India?From Central Asia
3How many mandalas are there in Rigveda?10
4What does the word “Aryan” refer to? Ethnic group
5In which Veda magical Maya and Vashikaran are described?Atharvaveda
6Which 6 mandalas of Rigveda are called Gotra Mandal? From 2nd Division to 7th Division
7 What is the handicraft which was never practiced by the Aryans?Blacksmith
8Sankhya, Yoga, Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Mimamsa and Vedanta – in which era these 6 different Indian philosophies were clearly expressed? In the Vedic Age
9What is the initial ideology of Indian Philosophy? Number
10Which is the oldest / ancient Veda of India?Rigveda
11 What was the popular form of government prevalent in the Vedic age?Republic
12 What was the Vedic era assembly related to? Council of Ministers
13From which Veda the laws related to Yagya are known?From Yajurveda
14 With which subject is the book named “Charak Samhita” related?Medical
15 What is the theory of Karma related to? From Mimamsa
16Which Veda’s compilation is based on Rigveda? Samaveda
17 Excavation of which site of India has found the earliest evidence of the operation of ferrous metal?Ataranjikheda
18Which is the philosophical system propounded by Kapil Muni? Sankhya Darshana
19Where should the location of the Kabul river be determined in the Vedic period? From Afghanistan
20From which Upanishad the dialogue of Nachiketa and Yama about spiritual knowledge is obtained?In Kathopanishad
21 King Ashwapati of Upanishad period was the ruler of which state?Kekay’s
22Which is the most mentioned river in the early Vedic literature?Sindhu
23On what are the Upanishad books based? On Darshan
24Who is the exponent of Yoga Philosophy?Patanjali
25What was known by “Nishk” in ancient India? Gold Jewelery
26Who propagated Nyayadarshan?Gautam
27 Gayatri Mantra is mentioned in which book?Rigveda
28Why was the significance of the Asia Minor stable Bogazkoi? Because there is mention of 4 deities- Indra, Varuna, Mitra Nasatya-.
29From which period the concept of untouchability clearly emerged? From the post-Vedic period.
30The period from 800 BC to 600 BC is associated with which era? Brahmin era
31 What is the rate of land revenue in Dharmashastras? 1/6
32On the banks of which river the famous war of ten kings was fought? Parushni
33Which mandala of Rigveda is dedicated to Soma? Ninth Division
34What is the exponent of Vedanta or Uttar-Mimamsa philosophy? Badarayan
35What is the exponent of Mimamsa or Purva Mimamsa philosophy?Gemini
36What is the period of pre-Vedic culture called? 1500 BC-1000 BC
37What is the exponent of Vaisheshik philosophy?Uluk Kanad
38Why has “Apaurusheya” gone to the Vedas?Because the Vedas have been composed by the gods.
39Aryans came to India from outside and where did they first settle? In Punjab
40From where is the word “Asato Ma Sadgamaya” taken? Rigveda
41With which subject is the book “Shulva Sutra” related?Geometry
42For which deity is the word “Purandar” used in Regnveda? Indra
43 Whose prosperity was worshiped in Vedic religion? Nature
44How many Puranas are there?18
45In which mandala of Rigveda Shudra is mentioned for the first time? 10th
46What was the main form of wealth in Rigveda? Godhan
47What is the first and main text of Krishna Bhakti? Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta
48Who is the first law maker of Indian history? Manu
49Who is called the Adigratha of Indian Music?Samaveda
50What was the main occupation of the Aryans in the Rigvedic period?Business
51From which Upanishad is the word “Satyamev Jayate” included in the emblem of India taken?Mundaka Upanishad
52Which three Vedas are jointly called Vedatrayi?Rigveda, Yajurveda and Samveda
53How many Vedas are there?Four
54What is the correct sequence of texts written in the later Vedic period?Vedas, Brahmanas, Aranyakas and Upanishads
55 In which Veda information about the culture of ancient Vedic age is given?Rigveda
56What is the main part of Vedic Mathematics? Shulva Sutra
57By what name was the anti-God and anti-Brahmin religious teacher of the later Vedic period known?Shramana
58Which intoxicant crop was not known to the people of Vedic period?Tobacco
59 Which “Veda” is also composed in Gadda form?Yajurveda
60 “Sabha and Samiti were the two daughters of Prajapati” is mentioned in which Veda? In Atharvaveda
61Which was the oldest institution of Rigvedic period? Vidath
62Which was the oldest gotra in Brahmin texts? Shatapath Brahmin
63When did the “Gotra” system come into operation?In the post-Vedic period
64Which memory of the Vedic era is the oldest? Manu Smrit
65 Who is the author of the oldest grammar “Ashtadhyayi”?Panini
66What is the correct meaning of “Earthva”Sacred Magic
67 What was the word “Vrihi” used for? Rice
68Who was known as “Yava” in Vedic period?Barley
69What was considered as Pratiloma Marriage?When a woman of upper class used to marry a man of lower class
70What is the meaning of Anulom Vivah? Marriage of a higher varna man with a lower varna woman
71What is the literal meaning of the word Arya?Noble or noble
72Who is given the name of “Adi Kavya”?Ramayana
73 Which is the oldest Purana?Matsya Purana
74 Which is considered the most “holy river” in Rigveda? Saraswati
75What was the basic unit of Vedic society?Total/Family
76Name the most important deity of Rigvedic period, in whose praise 250 hymns were composed?Indra
77In which Veda the assembly has been called “Nasti” i.e. collective debate or inviolable?Atharvaveda
78In which composition woman is included in three main evils along with surah and pansa? Including Maitrayani
79What is the total number of sacraments?16
80Which is the pottery culture related to Rigvedic period?Geruvarni pottery culture
81 Which is the pottery culture related to the post-Vedic period?Painted gray pot
82At which place the painted gray pottery site in Haryana province has come to light from the excavations done in the plow?Bhagwanpur
83The “Vivah Sukta” describing the oldest marriage ceremony is found in? In Rigveda
84In the Rigveda the word “Aghanya” is used for? [BPSC 2000]Cow
85Due to the measurement of all the three lokas in all the three steps, which one is called “Undertaking”?Vishnu
86Which Vedic deity has been called “Ratasya” Gopa because of its natural setting?Varun
87Who is considered the god of “water or sea”?Varun
88 “Manusmriti” is related to?From the social system
89 Who composed the Gayatri Mantra?Vishwamitra
90There is similarity in “Asveta and Rigveda” but “Asveta” is related to which field?From Iran
91 Aryans of Rigvedic period were familiar with the use of iron or not?Yes, we were familiar.
92Which rivers are mentioned in Rigveda indicating the relation with Afghanistan? Kumbha, Krumu
93 Who took the side of Aryan’s arctic home theory?B.G.Tilak
94How many hymns are there in Rigveda?1028
95What was the main religion of the pre-Vedic Aryans?Nature-worship and Yagya
96 Which is the world’s first authentic text? Rigveda, Samveda, Yajurveda and Atharvaveda
97Evidence of how many types of gods is found in Rigveda?33 types
98Which method is described in Yajurveda?Yagya
99What was the language of Yajurveda?It was both Padmatmika and Gaddamatam.
Most Important Questions Related To Vedic Age

Most Important Questions Related To Vedic Age

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