The Rajputs Clan Detailed History

The Rajputs Clan Detailed History-In this article we published the detailed history about the Rajput Clan, there different different origin and dynasties under this clan, read out every paragraph carefully to know about this clan.

The Rajputs

The word Rajput (Sanskrit Raja-Putra) literally means a prince; but ultimately it came to means ‘a cavalier’ and was applied to indicate a member of the foreign (and in some cases indigenous aboriginal) ruling clans settled in North-Western India.

As regards the origin of the Rajputs, most of the scholars believe that during the post Gupta period, the Hunas, Gurjaras and other foreign tribes were absorbed into Indian society and were ultimately recognised as thirty-six respectable Rajput clans.

Different Views on the Origin of Rajputs

  • Early Rajput activities were dominated by the four Agnikula clans. The Pratiharas were based in Southern Rajasthan. The Chahamanas emerged as a feudatory of the Pratiharas in Eastern Rajasthan, South-East of Delhi and helped their masters in holding back the Arabs. Later, they became independent.
  • The Solankis were in Kathiawar with branches in Malwa, Chedi, Patan and Broach and by the middle of the 10th Century, they were at war with most of their neighbours. The Paramaras began as feudatories of the Rashtrakutas in Malwa with their at Dhar near Indore and revolted against their overlords in the closing years of the 10th Century.

Opinions on Rajputs

  • AMT Jackson – 32 branches of Rajput clans are members of Gurjar tribe.
  • Colonel Todd – Offspring of the foreign invaders like Hunas, Sakas and Kushanas.
  • CV Vailya – Be Descendants of the Vedic Aryans.
  • Dasarath Sharma – Rajputs rose prominence in the process of resisting foreign invasions.

Important Points

  • Other Rajput clans claiming descent from Solar and Lunar races; who called themselves Suryavanshi and Chandravansi respectively; settled as local kings in various parts of Central and Western India.
  • Among them, the Chandellas were in the region of Khajuraho, gaining prominence there in the 10th Century.
  • The Guhilas in Mewar participating in campaigns against Arabs and the Tomars ruled in Haryana near Delhi including Thaneshwar (the home of Harsha), also as a feudatory of Pratiharas.
  • The 36 Rajput clans are first mentioned in the Kumarpalacharita of Jayasimha and then in the Prithviraj Raso of Chandbardai. The lists include well-know Rajput clans such as Bargujar, Paramara, Rever, Chauhan, Gaharwar, Chalukya, Rathore, Parihara and Chandela; as also lesser-known clans such as Silar (Shilahara), Chapotkat and Tank.

Important Rajput Dynasties

DynastyCentre Of PowerMost Famous Ruler
ChauhansAjmerPrithvi Raj Chauhan
Gahadavala Or RathoreKannaujJaychanda
ChandellasMahoba ( Bundelkhand )Dhanga
ParamarasDhara ( Malwa )Bhoja
TomarsDelhiMahipala Tomar

The Rajput clans gave rise to dynasties like Sisodias of Mewar (Udaipur), the Kachwahas of Amber (Jaipur), the Rathors of Marwar (Jodhpur and Bikaner), the Hadas of Jhalawar, Kota and Bundi, the Bhattis of Jaisalmer, the Shekhawats of Shekhawati and the Chauhans of Ajmer.

The Rajputs Clan Detailed History

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